Tuesday, May 15, 2012

LASSKAA x thecowboygeisha

Take a little walk to the edge of town, go across the tracks
Where the viaduct looms like a bird of doom, as it shifts and cracks
Where secrets lie in the border fires, in the humming wires,
Hey man you know you're never coming back
Past the square, past the bridge, past the mills past the stacks
On a gathering storm comes a tall handsome man
In a dusty black coat with a red right hand.

-Red Right Hand, Nice Cave and the Bad Seeds

I have a serious love for dumplings. 
Eunice took me to a dumpling house in Singapore rated one of the top 10 places in the world and all I could keep saying on repeat was how happy I was to be there! (my mouth is seriously salivating at the memory alone)...
So whenever I hit Sydney I automatically/purposefully organise every single catch up meal to be at a place in Bondi called Miss Chu. (infact I've been there 2 days in a row already)
Anyone want a catch-up?You know where I'll be!

My room mate in Bali came to Sydney to also hit birds with stones, but mostly to have a rad time. 
So, I took her here (DER). We counted this lunch as a 'business meeting', cause we have done a little creative collaboration on the perfect boot for a cowboy geish (pow pow pow). 
She is shoe designer of her own label LASSKAA, and it only made sense to grab her on-board and make the ultimate love child for the brand.
Anyway, sitting there shoving dumplings down our throats, a nice lady with a serious camera came up to us and was all like "do you mind if I take photos of your shoes?" and we were all like "frigging snap away stranger", and we looked at each other and gave the nod and the smile. Hello winners!
These guys are made from vintage denim deliciousness and are biker-boot-meets-cowboy-boot heaven on earth. I am literally not taking mine off. Ever. They also come in black leather (der) which is a whole different level of eye candy.

Taking pre-orders now:

p.s yes I am wearing striped socks. I have a recent addiction to the 'Where's Wally' app on my Ipad, and have decided he is my new style icon. Stripes, beanie and a walking stick? The answer is yes.

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