Monday, July 23, 2012

Pack Mentality

Bluebirds over the mountain
Sea gulls over the sea
Bluebirds over the mountain
Bring my baby back to me

I miss you, oh can't you see?
You're the only girl for me
Soon you're gone
And I'm all alone
Come on, babyCome back home

Bluebirds over the mountain
Sea gulls over the sea
Bluebirds over the mountain
Bring my baby back to me
-Bluebirds over the Mountain, Richie Valens

The Gilli Islands.
I almost don't even want to tell you guys about this place in hope that everyone in the world forget's that it even exists so no-one will ever go there, and it can remain as beautiful and untouched as it is now. But, considering it is already trawling with hundreds of people, it's safe to say this one little post is  not going to create an extreme influx of traffic flow so here go's!
I can't help but start fantasying 'blue lagoon' styles whenever I visit an island like this. 
I thought this may be an especially nice little kick-in-the butt/paradise tease for those friends of mine who have always said they would come and visit, but still haven't! 
Crystal clear water, fluorescent fish, lavender coloured coral with glowing lights on the tips (Avatar fans eat your hearts out!) bright white sand, beach front bungalows, fresh seafood, day sleeps in hammocks, throwing hand full's of small coral bones into the waters edge so it looks like glitter on the surface (no? just us? it was brilliant at the time!), and at night there are more stars than you have ever seen in your life! You can see so far into the sky, and you are surrounded by so little that you can see the stars hit the water on opposite sides of the the sky a dome like look! And to effing top it off, just as I was admiring this a huge shooting star fell right in front of me! 

In usual style of recent get-a-ways, here is a film diary of the trip (with some iphone photos whacked in there, to get a more rounded vibe rather than just the shots from the under water disposable).
On trips like this, taking a 'real' camera is never a good idea. Especially this time. It would have ended up on the ocean floor along with my Karen Walker sunnies from the boat ride home when we nearly died. 
We decided to sit on-top of the fast boat, ignoring the word 'fast' and the fact that the channel between the island and our destination is the deepest in the world. 
Let's just say for the last half an hour of the trip I literally had to convince myself I was a pirate and that I frothed out on this kind of adventure to sail the seven seas.
Yep, that actually happened.
You should have seen my 'survival' face. I would have won an Oscar.

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liana said...

Lovely! What a stunning place.