Saturday, July 28, 2012


Singin through you to me; thunderbolts caught easily  
Shouts the truth peacefully Eeeeeee-lec-tri-ci-teeeeeeee  
High voltage man kisses night to bring the light to those who need to hide
their shadow deed  
Go into bright find the light and know that friends don`t mind just how you
midnight cowboy stains in black reads dark roads without a map  
To free-seeking electricity 
-Electricity, Captain Beefheart

You may remember i briefly mentioned in my previous post, a near death experience on top of a fast boat, and how my Karen Walker sunnies ended up on the bottom of the ocean floor.
Sometimes you ask, and you shall receive!
It was also recently my 25th birthday (closer to 30 than 20, HEAVY!) and my buddy Fa decided to hit me with a 'legend on the rocks'.
Now, you are probably sitting there visualising the Hoff (or someone of that stature) standing on some rocks looking dreamily out on onto the ocean...and you can keep up that lovely image if your digging it, but what I'm actually describing is the name of my new sunnies.
CAST eyewear, is relatively fresh to the scene, but in that short amount of time peeps such as Lady Gaga, Madonna and Tyra Banks are all rocking 'em like they mean it. And it's obvious why. They are frigging rad. 
These pearl tortoise shell legend's have my name all over them and are available soon!
Thanks Fa for my epically timed new shades. I love you!

CAST eyewear 'legend on the rocks'


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