Sunday, September 30, 2012

Goot Afternoon

Honolulu rock-a-roll-a
Come and see them all a rockin' away
On the beach at Waikiki
You'll love the Honolulu rock-a-roll-a

Honolulu rock-a-roll-a
Hula hula girls a swayin' away
'Neath the palm trees by the sea

You'll see them swing their little grass skirts
They love to Swing their little grass skirts
Be sure to bring along a ukulele
To serenade your love

When you do the Honolulu rock-a-roll-a
Honolulu rock-a-roll-a
Say hi in Hawaii for me
When you get to Waikiki
-Honolulu Rock-A-Roll, Kitty Daisy & Lewis

Weddings. Tis the season! / I have hit the age where the 21st's are few and far between, and each weekend is instead being replaced with people saying 'I do'...and it frigging ROCKS! 
Weddings are the bomb! Flowers, father's handing over their daughters, dudes in suits, slutty cougars on the prowl, too much makeup, beautiful brides, epic food, free boo's, everyone all lovey dovey with tears of happiness and all the single ladies deciding they want to get hitched immediately and elbowing each other for the bouquet! 
One thing I have always had great confusion with (until now) is what to wear when your daily wardrobe is old tee shirts and leather shorts...without a single fancy/wedding appropriate dress. I began by buying dresses that I deemed 'what people would wear to a wedding' and starting compiling a bunch of crap I would never even consider wearing twice. Then it clicked. You need to just wear a slightly fancier version of what you wear in real life. Once I finally figured that out, it was full steam ahead and straight to the Goot!
Josh goot. What can I say? There arn't alot of designers that tick all my boxes (including boxes I didn't even know about) but this guy is nailing it left right and centre. I know I'm years behind on the Goot bandwagon, but now I'm on it there won't be any slowing down.
I usually steer clear of fitted clothing, but this dress had my name all over it. The length to the knee, and the tee shirt sleeve moved it into the 'safe and not slutty' category and next thing you know, I'm in frigging stilettos in the middle of a zoo!
Anyway, needless to say, my credit card is shaking in fear of what the heck I might do next with this newly founded love affair, and my boyfriend is calling fancy restaurants to get some reservations/reasons to get it out! (not my tits, the dress you filthy animals!)
Dress: Josh Goot. Lipstick: Tom Ford
Dress: Josh Goot. Lipstick: Tom Ford. Shoes: my own.


Tessa: said...

Beautiful dress!

liana said...

You babe.

Saint Allison said...

I'm soo obsessed with this dress- stunning!