Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Tic tac toc I shoot non stop
Tip-toe don’t make you rock
What they say that’s not ‘nough
You long long what you know I got
Bla bla bla against the wall
So pee-wee cyber tall
Ring ring ring when duty calls
Now now now to word it all

Big mouth, big mouth, quiet now, you said enough
Got a big mouth, big mouth, my my my, you said enough

-Santigold, 'Big Mouth'

I thought I'd give you a little sneaky peak of behind the scenes of the shoot I styled the other day, seen as though it may be quite a while till the finishing touches are placed on the final images, and working on this was super frigging awesome.
The model Teresa Oman (get the title of the post now?! huh?! get it get it?!!!) is currently blasting off to the other side of the universe, doing her thang being the 'next big thing' and all, so I'm glad I got to catch her before take off. She is full of energy yet super chilled, full of smiles and a full blown legend!
'hang on a minute, should you really be posting behind-the-scene shots of a shoot that isn't released?!' I hear you ask...
don't sweat it peeps, I slept with the photographer (ha! seriously though.)
( Please note:  If you are alarmed by that last comment, please refer to numerous posts below...he's ma bf DER).
p.s I like getting pics from behind, you guys should know this already. yeh? good.

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