Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wang It

Oh I've been waiting, definitely
and my heart is here right after me
and my heart, waiting in the rain

And my heart, it is in with the storm
And my heart, heart, heart
(heart, heart, heart)
-Grimes, Vanessa

This week I ventured off to Singapore to hit birds with stones...I mean, to kill more than one bird with one stone? Ah frig, you know what I'm trying to say...I went there to tick alot of boxes *let's just put it  that way...
and tick alot of boxes I did!
I suppose you would like to know the boxes that were ticked, but to tell you that would mean the announcement of the biggest thing I would have ever said on this blog (so I'm going to save that info for a special post of its own)...*I do a post on here every 3 months, so I'm guessing your pretty good at being patient right? yeh? good.
This little quickie is just purely to introduce you to the item of my latest affections.
Soft cotton panelled mesh deliciousness with exposed stitching to boot.
I've never been much of a 'head to toe black' kinda gal, but a little bit of Wang and a little bit of leather can go a long way. Actually, now that I think about it this little pair are a match made in 'appropriate for Singapore humidity heaven'. When it's 32 degree's and your rockin' leather, whack on a tee with heaps of holes in it (der).
Anyway now I know all your actually thinking about is my big news (and if you followed me on instagram you would already know) so I'll leave this short and sweet and get working on the best way to break the news...(no we are not breaking up lovers, rest assured!)
So in the end...
Thanks again,
 old mate Wang
p.s if your wondering how a chick who lives on a tropical island could look so damn white, I've been in hospital with frigging dengue fever so cut this kid some slack and remember "there's nothing healthy about a tan" (if I have a tan in my next post, you'll have to cut me some different kind of slack and forget I ever said the above) xx
Top: Alexander Wang. Shorts: my own. Shoes: thecowboygeisha x LASSKAA (available soon) . Ring: celeste tesoriero (made to order)

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